Ansuz Mainz X8-TC

14,500 kr

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Ansuz Mainz X8-TC

Mainz X8-TC håller otroligt hög nivå i förhållande till sitt pris. Med 8 nätuttag med passiv NSC teknologi  (Noise Suppressing Coil technology Coil technology that very efficiently suppresses electrical noise). TC-Active Tesla Coil Tar bort störningar aktivt genom att skicka en motpeak emot den störning som finns på nätet istället för att filtrera den, vilket leder till full dynamik med god svärta.


The strong heart of a system. Mainz8 X will supply a steady flow of current
to even the most demanding High End system.
With its massive capacity of grounding through star grounding technology,
it figures the same principles as the Ansuz Mainz cables line,
and deliver the best possible groundwork for High End performance.

Inside the Ansuz Mainz8 X you find only components working parallel to the mains signal, which leaves the dynamics totally uncompressed – contrasting active power conditioners. Instead, you will experience a pitch-black background behind your soundstage; on witch, an impressing dynamic presentation is projected. The biggest contributor to this phenomenon is the build in Sparkz technologies.

To avoid any form of hysteresis, the Ansuz Mainz8 X are built on a steel chassis with a non-resonance MDF casing. For good mechanical grounding, the Mainz8 are fitted with four Ansuz Darkz Feet. For the ideal grounding, we recommend that you upgrade the mechanical grounding even further with Ansuz Darkz decouplers and Ceramic Balls underneath the Darkz Feet.