Purist Audio Design Limited Edition-LR

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Purist Audio Design is proud to release our Luminist Revision Limited Edition-LR AC Power Cable! The Limited Edition-LR AC Power Cable uses power conditioning circuit technology that provides EMI/RFI noise control, filtering, and reduction. It integrates the use of a multistage power conditioning circuitry that passively controls, filters and reduces the effects of EMI/RFI from coupling via direct conduction, induction and capacitive to a level that allows the dynamics of music breathe and prevail.

The Limited Edition-LR Power Cord is terminated with the Wattgate Evo Gold US plug or Euro plug and the Wattgate Evo Gold 15 amp IECC. Other plugs can be used upon request to fit the needs of your system.

All Limited Edition-LR cables come packaged in a handsome soft case.

Limited Edition-LR Power Cord Technical Specifications
Dielectric MaterialF.E.P.
Gauge (effective)10 AWG
Dampening MaterialContego
Current Capacity DC (cable only)55 A
Current Capacity (overall product)15 A with 15 amp IECC / 20 A with 20 amp IECC
Resistance0.00328 Ω/m
Estimated Break-In Time300 Hours
Cable Diameter1-1/4 Inch
Connector Type330AU or 390AU & 350AU
Material TreatmentTriple (3x) Cryomag©