System Audio Pandion 30

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Q113-projektet (Pandion) ett projekt mellan ett flertal universitet för att skapa en högtalare med extremt låg tids och frekvens förvrängning. Pandion serien levererar ett öppet tydligt ljud med ordentligt drag i basen.

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Home is where the art is

The hand-built SA pandion 30 contains more than 30 years of experience in developing loudspeakers and the records are lining up behind the elegant design.
The sound brings you close to the artists you love, whether you like acoustic or electronic music. Use it with a high quality music system of 70 watts or more and enjoy the musical and potent experience and technologies that are built to last for many years.

Designed like no other
Our loudspeakers in our pandion family are the first in the world that has been developed in an open forum. The goal has been to create world-class loudspeakers and SA’s R/D team team invited through more than two years various specialists to contribute to the development work.
The results were regularly shared on a blog and thousands have followed the unusual project.
SA’s pandion speakers are the only in the world that has been tested and approved by 25 sound engineers and musicians and nearly 100 sound enthusiasts before production was started. And the special design process has created other impressive results.

The sound has the last word
The design of a loudspeaker has great importance for its sound quality. Therefore, the team behind SA pandion 30 has been working intensively on the design’s influence on the acoustics, using advanced 3D calculation programs.
The sound has the last word in SA speakers and we use design solutions that you will not find anywhere else.

Maybe the best 13 cm woofer in the world
SA is dedicated to working with the speed of the loudspeaker, to set new standards in sound quality. Speed is vital for the loudspeaker when it reveals myriads of details and the rhythm of the music. We develop small and extremely powerful drive units that are built with great precision.
The woofer in SA pandion 30 has an exceptionally powerful motor and a membrane having a mechanical stroke of 22mm. This enables it to move 5-6 times as much air as a conventional woofer. The membrane is made of wood fibers.
Normally, the entire membrane is covered by damping material to reduce sound coloration, but here we have gone even further. In order to make the membrane as light as possible, 10 slots in the membrane are individually filled with a damping substance. It weighs less and thus we optimize the speaker’s speed.
Inside the woofer magnet sits rings of copper and aluminum, in order to concentrate the magnetic force and minimize distortion.
The special woofer delivers sound with musical precision, and a bass response that is normally unheard of drive units of this size. You have to experience it to really appreciate what it can do for your music. Did we mention that there is 2 of these extraordinary woofers in a SA pandion 30?

Sound details are handled by an expert
Delicate. Airy. Detailed. These are the words related to the experience of this master piece. Details of the music flows freely and effortlessly, as an invitation to explore the music. In order to convey the music’s smallest nuances the tweeter must be a precision instrument.
In this case, the super light membrane is able to control movements of as little as 0.0005 mm, which ensures that the details of the music are not lost. The solid construction of cast aluminum, combined with a high power design, ensure that the reproduction retains its character, even when you play really loud.
The tweeter is shaped like a so-called waveguide that effectively controls sound dispersion and the speaker has its own integrated cabinet with a special design that is part of the extraordinary acoustics.

Named after the osprey
Pandion is the Latin name of the magnificent osprey. It finds its food over a large area, in the same way as the speaker is created with inspiration from many directions.



Power handling: 300 Watts

Impedance: 4-8 Ohm
Sensitivity (1W / 1m): 90 dB
Frequency range + / – 1.5 dB: 30-25.000 Hz
Crossover network: 2200 Hz (24 dB/oct.)
Tweeter:: 1 x D2905/9900X7 Q113
Woofer: 2 x 15W/8531GX8 Q113
Principle: 2-way bass reflex
Recommended amplifier: Min. 70 Watt
Packing: Individually
Weight loudspeaker (kgs): 20.5 kgs
Dimensions (WxHxD) cm: 17.5 x 120 x 22.5
Plinth: ø35 cm
Packing dimensions (WxHxD) cm: 44.3 x 44.9 x 129
Shipping weight (kgs): 26 kgs
Recommended placement: Floor, 10-35 cm from back wall

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